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Strategy as Practice is an international network of more than 2000 scholars and practitioners in over 100 countries around the globe. Coordinated by eight institutions, SAP-IN is committed to the importance of a focus on everyday processes, practices and activities involved in the making of strategy...read more

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André Luís Janzkovski Cardoso

Many Thanks.
Many Thanks.
André Luís Janzkovski Cardoso, 24 Feb 2014, 20:55

Margit Van Wessel

RE: [SAP-IN] Strategy as Practice i...
Hi Andre, I and my colleagues did t...
Margit Van Wessel, 24 Feb 2014, 15:25

Martin Duffy

Hi Andre,My MSc dissertation
Hi Andre,My MSc dissertation used D...
Martin Duffy, 23 Feb 2014, 19:51

André Luís Janzkovski Cardoso

Many Thanks and good luck if
Many Thanks and good luck if your s...
André Luís Janzkovski Cardoso, 22 Feb 2014, 23:50

Bert George

S-as-P in the Public Sector
Hi André,There is the work of Vaar...
Bert George, 22 Feb 2014, 09:14